Insurance Information

The information below indicates the quantity of supplies reimbursed by Medicare in the indicated time frame. Higher quantities may be available due to individual medical reasons documented by your health care provider. Contact your health care provider or insurance carrier for more information.

HCPCs Code Product Description 30-day Maximum Allowable
A4358 Melio System Leg Bag 2
(Indicated for patients who are ambulatory or chair/wheelchair bound. Use of leg bags for bedridden patients would be denied as not medical necesary)
A4334 Melio System Reusable Thigh Strap 1
A4357 Melio System Night Bag 2
A4335 Silicone Night Bag Connector 2
A4331 Extension Drain Tubing 2
A5114 Melio System Leg Straps (pair) 1
Medicare: A9279 + A9280
Private Insurance: E1399
Melio System Controller 1 unit per lifetime

How to get your Melio Self Emptying Leg Bag System

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Thank you for your interest in the Melio Self Emptying Leg Bag System. This information is provided to help you to discuss coverage requirements with your physician and your insurance provider. If you wish to discuss coverage in more detail or place an order, please contact us or go to the find a dealer page.

What You Need to Know:

  • The supplies needed to utilize the Melio Self Emptying Leg Bag System are covered by most insurance and Medicare.
  • We recommend that your physician prescribe 90 days worth of supplies for the Melio Self Emptying Leg Bag System.
  • To use the Melio Self Emptying Leg Bag System, your physician will also have to order a controller as part of the initial order. The controller is a one-time purchase item and, unfortunately, is not currently covered by most insurance plans or Medicare at this time. The MRSP for the controller should last for 5 years with reasonable care.
  • To receive the Melio Self Emptying Leg Bag System, you will need a prescription from your doctor for all items. Typically, a script for a 30 day supply of the covered components includes everything you will need, and are listed in the table above.

As a service to Melio customers, HCPCS codes are included here for all applicable Melio Self Emptying Leg Bag System products. Feel free to discuss your insurance coverage of these products and any applicable copayments/deductibles with one of our dealers or discuss with your own existing home supplies provider.